Notes, 1-9

1. Partial British Coach Works brochure–half of one page–photo of garage and MG TD with slogo: “Safely Faster,” and second page with list of modifications

2. The Big Book Of British Motorsports, Roger Humminbird, editor, Oxford, 1960, p. 472 (out of print).

3. Arthur Doyle’s Unabridged Racing Encyclopaedia, Vol. 2 (The “B’s”), Cambridge University Press, 1964.

4. The Motor (magazine), Jan. 13, 1954, brief item, p. 870.

5. Humminbird, p. 473; Doyle.

6. The Autocar (magazine), March 11, 1951, (page number omitted) *The record was  protested by members of Harry Lester’s hated “Monkey Stable,” preventing certification. For more on what I’ve dubbed the BCW “Land Speed Special,” see this post.

7. Humminbird, p. 473.

8. Sun (tabloid), Feb. 8, 1955, miscaptioned photo, p. 3

9. “Shakeout and Flameout: A Social and Economic Analysis of Postwar British Coachbuilders,” John Hodgman, circa 1993, Kings College (digital archives) Unfinished, unpublished dissertation, pp 48-53.


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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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