Muffler, part 2

March 19, 2010

Now that the heads are clean and have useable studs, on to the muffler install. First gotta figure out if I can/should use the original topside heat exchangers. They seem to be made to come apart with a bit of prying:

shame to waste this perfectly good bit of VW exhaust/heat technology.

they seem to be made to come apart

with a bit of prying

but this one was too tight on the new pipe

With one tab bent over I couldn’t move it, and couldn’t be sure if it would line up with the box below it. Trying a test fit of the new mufflers I discovered that, naturally, nothing was going to fit without a bit of prybar persuasion. I put the heat exchangers aside to concentrate on getting the actual muffler on.

Rear frame member made it impossible to just slip the thing in and hang it on the studs. Had to pry the pipes from the forward cylinders down (and in) to get it to grab.

prying times

This prybar, by the way, is a stainless door bar holder–like it’s made to drop a 2 x 6 in to bar your basement door from the inside. I used two of them last year as part of an outboard motor hoist/stand I built to take the blown Mercury 90 off the back of my boat and replace it with a slightly less used Johnson 90. That’s actually another ongoing saga.

But anyway, that latch thing is bent just right to put pressure on these pipes without–I hope–unduly stressing any of the rest of the engine. Using the jack I was able to get the pipe to bow about 3/4 of an inch, and didn’t have to wake up Karen to get her to work the long prybar.

Left the donuts on from before. Thanks for the reminder, Rich!

A little more attitude adjustment for the carb heat pipes, some more never-seize and some lock washers for the various nuts and bolts, and voila:

on there!

started her up & she sounds good. A bit quieter than before.

Tomorrow I’ll change the oil and run her around the block, then get the tin back in and hook up the hot air hoses somehow. Looks like I could maybe just clamp them onto the lower heat boxes and forego entirely those two upper pipe heat exchangers.

I welcome any advice.


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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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