Roller Pedal

The MG TD accelerator pedal was not a pedal at all, but a caster attached to a bent rod. Turns out EMPI makes a (much maligned) roller pedal for our V-dub. It’s cheap, it’s chrome . . . it needs to be shimmed in where the stock roller was.

I removed the pedal cluster (necessary because the original pedal is pinned from behind).












Drove the pin out, inspected, painted, and installed the new pedal, bushed with one of the nylon washers that had come from the heater control that was no longer in use. Fit perfectly, right down to the d-shaped cut on it.

Getting the pedal cluster back in proved frustrating. You’re supposed to loosen the clutch cable but this was remarkably difficult, as Bridget’s design allows little if any access from either below or above. I wedged a piece of wood down to the clutch lever and pried it toward the front of the car–basically disengaging the clutch. That gave enough slack to get the clutch pedal’s hook through the loop at the other end. No need to readjust a clutch that is, in fact, adjusted fine.

Hooked it all up and noticed that my new fire extinguisher bracket could end up trapping my foot between itself and the go roller. So I grabbed a length of aluminum gutter I had handy and screwed it to the bracket and the tunnel, leaving (I hope) just enough room between it and the inside edge of the roller that I’ll be able to install carpet (or the correct leather patch at least) and avoid binding.

(if the bit next to the roller needs adjustment, I’ve a hammer)

Set of new (non-VW monogrammed) pedal pads, a (failed) attempt to install a genuine MG TD “fume excluder” boot over the brake and clutch pedals (but no matter, these are always ripped on real TDs anyway), and a test-fit of the MG monogrammed foot well I’ll sink into the carpet later. All in all looking very much more TDish than she did a few days ago.

aaand … UPDATE! See?


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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