Aero screens

I know a lot of folks prefer wind wings, which are arguably more practical in day to day use. But for me, the ultimate windshield accessory is the Brooklands Aero Screen. The idea was brilliant: cut the amount of flat glass pushing the wind before you, and you’ll go faster. It worked, too. TDs tested with the windscreen up tended to top out at about 78 mph. With the windshield folded flat, however, you might get up to a blistering 81 mph!

I think they look cool too. So last year when the dollar was a little stronger against the pound I ordered a pair from England. They came in a box addressed to me in “Meryland,” which alone made it worth the shipping.

Getting these bad boys installed took some doing. They don’t come with attaching bolts, so first I repaired to Home Despot and picked up some brass bolts and nuts, along with some good sized fender washers. The main issue is fitment, however. The aeroscreen assembly has some width to it, and there is not a lot of space on top of the scuttle behind the windshield, which also had to have room to swing down.

Some guys on the TF forum had this out a while back. One dude helpfully posted a diagram of his screens.

Taped up the top of the scuttle and marked it where his was. No good for me.

So got my wife & together we worked out a likely spot for the driver’s window. The key is setting it with the screen down and then putting it in the same spot with the windscreen back up, to see if it still fits.

After I was sure mine did,  I held my breath and drilled the first two holes.

Attached one side loose and put the thing together to make sure it was still fitting on the marks on the other side.

It was.

Amazingly, I didn’t have to take the dash apart to get the screws in. I expected I’d have to. If I had a glove box I would have had to take that out.

Once bolted in they lined up pretty straight. . . .

And look, if I do say so myself, pretty authentic.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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