Gauge Update

Finally burned a little gas out of the tank (leaked some too, but that’s another story; all fixed now). Got around to installing the new gauge sender in the fuel tank.

The old one came out easy.

Old fuel sender

Slid the new one in and grounded it with one screw to test it on the gauge. I got a reading, then I turned the sender about 45 degrees and got what I thought was an accurate reading.

This looked pretty good to me . . . until I tried to put the other screws in.

The other four screws just didn’t line up with the holes.

Thought the thing was faulty until I twisted it around some and realized that the five mounting holes are unevenly spaced so it can only fit in one way.

Turned this way the screws all go . . . but gauge reads low

Of course, that meant that, once it was in right, the gauge read wrong again.

Bent the float arm to compensate. That only took about five more tries.

And an hour later it’s apparently right.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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