New Windshield Wipers!

For most people, on most cars, getting new wipers is a simple matter of replacing the wiper blades for $20 or so. Not so on Bridget–not this time.

Bridget’s cowl-mounted wipers have been serviceable enough (although the driver’s side wiper arm did spontaneously detatch itself last fall). But the MG TD’s wipers swept down from the top of its folding windshield, not up from the cowl. It’s a dead giveaway on all but a very few, very expensive TD replicas. So I’ve decided to replicate the original system, and got the project underway on Sunday by taking apart the widshield frame and drilling three holes in it.

The frame screws together; the screws, surprisingly, came out easy. The glass is wedged in with a special rubber gasket. Once the bottom frame piece was off, the glass should have slid right out. I took the sides off to guard against breaking the glass, and to see what kind of chance I have of running the wiring to the wiper motor through the frame, as in the original.

The motor is from a boat supply store: two-speed, 110-degree sweep, and allegedly marine tough: $65. (Good deal on just the motor, I think). Reproductions of the original TD motors are now available from Moss for $236. One-speed and the controls are on the back of the motor itself instead on wired through a switch on the dash. This will do.

Here’s the idler arm to hold the driver’s side wiper arm. It’s linked to the passenger arm with a bent chrome bit. I bought the whole assembly on ebay last year for about $30, though one of the wiper arms has a very weak spring and will probably need to be replaced. I also had to bore out the collette on the wiper arm so it can fit over the broader shaft on my aftermarket motor. It seems like it will work, but time will tell.

I put the frame back together with the glass in it to see how much material will have to be ground off the glass. The idler hole is clean–no glass interference.

The wiper holes overlap the glass slightly. I dropped my whole frame off at a Baltimore glass shop. They agreed to do it but didn’t give a price. Hope to hear from them today. Fingers crossed.

Update: They did it. Looks good.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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