Windshield Wipers Update

Got ’em mocked up today.

Just in loose. No wiring or anything yet.

Pretty close to the originals.

Legit TD wiper rig.

Trapezoidal Lucas motor is unique.

Still . . . I’m likin’ it.

Now gotta figure out wiring (including whether the wires can be routed inside the windshield frame, as original. I kind of doubt that. I also have to get rid of the Beetle wiper motor:

. . . and plug the holes in the cowl.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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2 Responses to Windshield Wipers Update

  1. Viral Punch says:

    Wow, what a beautiful car! The windshield wipers remind me of the old fashioned ones from the 1920’s. I found a site that has a lot of information about windshield wipers and how they were invented etc. that may interest you.

  2. stuntmidget says:

    Yep, thanks for looking. The TD was a throwback design in many ways, and the “new” wipers on my car won’t probably be much good. I Rain-X’ed the windscreen as a precaution.

    Interesting history of the wipers. The old vacuum-operated ones were hilariously poor, as the faster you drove, the slower your wipers were. In that way the TD’s electric wipers were better than some of her contemporaries. The Kearns story about the invention of intermittent wipers was finally told in a movie a few years back, just after he died.

    He was a Baltimorean at the end.

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