Wiring stuff – Adding Headlight Relays

Crappy, rainy day out so I was not able to do any additional work on our retaining wall.Big smileDecided to get after Bridget’s electrics. Added a horn and horn relay to the mix. Easy but, word to the wise: don’t bother with the Harbor Freight cheapo horn kits. Only one out of the two worked. So I just added that one to Bridget’s bleating and sad little stock horn. Sounds much louder now–probably because the double-horn kits come with a horn relay.Then on to the headlights. I bought the Moss Motors relay kit which is supposed to be a plug-in for any MG. By that I guess they’re talking about the fact that it comes with bullet connectors. I cut those off and spliced the relay kit into the headlight wires and, boys, what a difference! The lights look to be about twice as bright when juiced through the relays instead of the switch. Pain the ass job ’cause the wire harness is on the opposite side of the underhood area from the opening, but otherwise, not too hard.

Moved on to my genuine Lucas 576 fog light avec genuine patina. Tested and it works. Again, really bright when wired to the battery, and the ground through the badge bar was A-OK. Got the relay for that spliced in ahead of the line fuse in the headlight kit. Now all that remains is the wires back to the switch. Thinking I’ll wire it to the high beam toggle on the horn. That way, if I ever run the rest of the headlights through, the fog will toggle off when we’re low beam only.

Gotta aim the thing too but, overall, good progress today.

Got this Lucas SFT 576 light off ebay last year–a pair, actually. It’s old and pitted, which is good, since my headlamp buckets are about equally so. Keepts the car looking properly ancient.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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