G&M, Lane Anderson & other Speedster pals

Got together with a few guys from the Speedster Owner’s Group at G&M crabcakes in Linthicum. Lane Anderson, whose Speedster was built at the Carlisle Kit & Import Nationals in, I think, 2005, was up here on business. Rob Mairs, Kelly Frazer, “East Coast” Bruce Stumpp and Cory Drake made the run, but only Cory and I brought our rides.

Lane, Kelly, Cory, Bruce

I don’t get that. It was 65 degrees and zero percent chance of rain.

Anyway. Good times. Good food. Don’t ever try to park at G&M at dinner time (7:30 in our case). Can’t be done. Cory and I slotted our cars in a narrow non-space between the dumpster and a blue van. An hour later we had to move ’cause the van’s driver needed the ally to get in with his wheelchair.

Lane, Me, Kelly, Cory

We had a good laugh about Cory and my chosen head wear. In our defense, those Snoopy hats are really the thing to have on a chilly night.

Leaving the restaurant I noticed I had no headlights. Damn! The more I make this car look like a “real TD” the more she acts like one.

Dug out my trusty 60-year-old brass “trouble lamp” and plugged it into the socket on the dash. It works good, but . . . I couldn’t unroll the cord, so I couldn’t get the light to the underhood area to see what I might have screwed up in the headlight wiring last week.

Wrestled with that for about 5 minutes. Finally gave up and resolved to wing it using only the single Lucas driving light–which is surprisingly effective, nearly equal to low beams. I hit the pull switch one more time and the headlights magically lit back up.

They stayed lit (mostly) for the 30-mile ride home. I had to tap the switch again during one of the highway exits (of course, negotiating a curve with no street lights at all would be the time the headlights blink off).

So it’s the old VW pull switch that’s my problem. According to Collective Speedster wisdom, I need to see about getting a non-Chinese made replacement.

Of course, I could simply rewire the headlights through the 60-year-old Lucas ignition switch, as in the original. What could possibly go wrong?


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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