MG’s of Baltimore “Get the Dust Off Rallye”

Well, we didn’t come in last. And that’s something of an accomplishment.

Karen and I did our first time-speed-distance rally today and we scored–if I read the score sheet right–579 points. (UPDATE: make that 593–see final standings below)

Lower is better. Heard a guy in a Mini Cooper had 79 points. Someone else had 750-something.

But it was our first ever try at it and–this is important–we did not use a stop watch. Or any watch, actually.*

Karen, just prior to step-off, pondering the instruction pak. Turns out the job of navigator is about twice or three times harder than that of the driver. What a trooper she is!

Apparently that’s pretty unusual.

“Real seat-of-the-pants effort then, eh?” one of my kind competitors remarked after the finish, when I told him what we did and apologized for an incident near the beginning of the second leg when, somehow, about six cars piled in behind us and it took me a full 2-3 minutes to figure out I should pull over and let ‘em by.

It was a beautiful day, cloudy and in the high 60s, low 70s. We ran top-down but quite a few canvas hoods stayed fast for the ride. Best cars (imho) were a yellow MGYT, 1948, piloted by a beautiful older couple (driver Mike, I’m guessing, is maybe 15-20 years my senior). He says he’s had a string of MGs and is capable of major resto work.

Y not a rallye?

The other was a black MGA MKII 1600. Really a flawless beast.

And of course the ‘64 Morgan +Four.

Morgans are prettier than TDs, even. This one has some discrete upgrades to its electronics and such.

This guy started right after us and made the same bone-head wrong turn where we did, which put us off course at least 5 minutes. That was near the beginning of the first leg. We probably got about 350 penalty points for that (in rally, a point is usually a tenth of a second, I think).–(UPDATE: axctually it’s a hundreth of a minute)

So how did Bridget rate among all that cool, rare, authentic British iron?

That Triumph next to us? Some kind of black-box rallye timing device was suction-cupped to the windscreen. Sorry if I messed you up, old sot.

Surprisingly well. I heard nary any snark and the car got quite a bit of positive attention. As we were leaving a couple guys with British accents were admiring her lines, none the wiser. I pointed to the VW beam under the bumper and they understood. “Hardly anything more than one person in a thousand would notice,” one of them said.

Of course, had anyone in a legit TD or TF been running I’d’ve been unable to look them in the eye.

In all a lovely day. Total miles on rallye (including “calibration”): 82

Covered bridges passed through: 1

One lane bridges traversed: too many to count

Cows spotted: very many, thank you.

Dead skunks in the middle of the road: 1

Vineyards visited: 1 (Dejon Vineyards)

She did not kill me & I did not drive into a ditch & kill us both. Excellent day!

*(I did check my iphone to see the time in minutes at the start of the second leg).

UPDATE: Final results came today (5/7) and turns out we finished 22nd out of an original field of 39, of which 36 started. We were 11th or 12 in the Novice class.


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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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