Report from Carlisle, 2012

Hit the “Import and Kit Car Nationals” in Carlisle, PA this weekend. Bridget ran well, if possibly a little warm, on the two hour highway trip to Carlisle. My cruising oil pressure dropped to about 20 psi and I got some oil light when I came off the highway, indicating I’d dropped below about 5-6 pounds at idle. Usually she’s 30 pounds on the highway when warmed up, and maybe 8 pounds at idle.

Owing to a sick kitty, Karen had to cancel her Carlisle appointment last minute. The kitty is doing better now, but may be headed to the vet today or tomorrow.

Weather: Outstanding

Food: pretty good

Service: not good (Legends Sports bar is set up for beer pong and wet T-shirts, looks like).

People: Outstanding, as usual. We had five TDs show up with seven bonefied, TD-owning club members, which bodes well for the future. We were missing a couple of guys from last year. So I’m hoping they’ll come back too.
Troubles: few. One speedster guy had a wheel bearing fail 100 miles out, towed to the hotel and left it. On Saturday morning several of the men repaired the damage.

TD club member and all-round mensch Richard Wobby performing bearing surgery on a doctor’s Porsche replica. I got him coffee & spewed unneeded advice.

One other guy (Max Zimmer, I think it was) had a fuel pressure gauge leak, which was apparently an easy fix. And Dave Stroud, who drove his Subaru-powered Porsche nearly from Montreal down to Key West and then back to Carlisle this year, had his throttle cable snap. But it, too, was replaced by kindly club members before he could even worry about it.

Wobby’s alternator bearing is squeaking. Didn’t slow him down but he’ll probably have to swap that one out when he gets home.

He heard the squeak: Bill Ascherman and Roy Hendrix watch Rich Wobby wobble his generator pully.

I missed the covered bridge tour on Friday morning which, I heard, was outstanding, with beautiful scenery, smooth, curvy roads and no fewer than five covered bridges on the menu.

Roy showed up all the way from North Carolina in his new (to him) MiGi in stark and perfect white. The car is clean! He also had the best display of our motley group . . .
. . . As well as (arguably) the best cap. My summer hat is lame by comparison.

I did get to watch Bill run the autocross track. He was very respectable through the course, even though his door opened on the first lap and he looped it once on the last lap. He’s a real driver, and had his car right on the edge for the whole show. Came out ahead of a few Miatas and at least one RX7, not to mention the E-Type Jag.
I tried my hand at it too. Almost didn’t get to run on account of having no proper battery hold down.

The looks Bridget got in the autocrosser’s paddock were friggin’ priceless

One of the older judges called off the dogs, pointing out that the battery, which is in a well, couldn’t really go anywhere unless I flipped the car.

Which, fortunately, I did not. This photo makes me & Bridget look much better than we were. According to the standings, we beat only one car on raw time–and none when the “factor” was factored in. But it’s worth noting that we were classified as something pretty purposeful–E-Mod, perhaps?–and if we were classified as something like Bill’s TD we were ahead of a few other contenders. . . .

Note that crazy multiplier–compare mine, last, with Bill’s TD further up in the standings. Multiply my raw time by his multiplier and see where I come in then . . . . Yeah, still pretty slow.

Noticed some very sharp backfiring on decel–something I thought I’d licked with the carb adjustment. So, with the oil pressure drop after  half hour on the highway, I take this as a sign I should maybe set the timing back a few degrees and readjust the carb. Always something to do.

Yep, there’s nothing quite so manly as five guys driving TDs all going out for ice cream together.

Got a TD-only cruise on Saturday to a far-off ice cream drive-in. The lack of wives on this run made me sad. Of the TD guys, only Dale’s wife, Lois, and Roy’s wife made it to Carlisle this year. And this was both their firsts. And Lois stayed at the hotel all day because of allergies. And Roy’s wife–dang, what was her name?–skipped the ice cream run.

Meanwhile, the awesomeness than is Carlisle continued apace.With the hill climbers tent right next to us–formula Z and it’s owner ready to talk, and this Midget with a big driver named Even (“I got this ‘cause it was hard to find parts for the Opel we were racing”).

The Opels . . .The Saabs were outta hand–mayeb 200 entrants. The usual hooliganism* of the Audi crew. Then there were the Triumphsthe V-dubs
. . .and this Volga Display:At one point, a couple came by and asked me to take a picture of them in my car. I obliged (should’ve got their names and a shot of my own). The man said he has a TD project about to get a Ford Fiesta engine. He said he had one back in the day, and missed it so much he bought himself a pile of parts to build something a little more streetable. I think he wanted his wife to get an idea of what he was heading for. He might have found the guy with the pristine TF copy, based on MGB running gear. He was over the top for the judging.But he felt Bridget would do. My guy’s wife seemed to like Bridget’s accommodations well enough. Luckily, she did not get a good look at the rest of us TD people . . .

. . . let alone the Speedster ruffians.

Vince “Cousin Vinnie” Mantos–West Coast stowaway and fugitive from justice. Do not approach. . . .

All in all, a pretty great party, while it lasted.

Hope more wives make the run next year.

*According to unreliable reports


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