Pumpkin Run V

The day dawned chilly but the people came to Chambersburg, overcoming cold, a broken shifter, cold, and in one case a $50 parking ticket.

A bad wheel bearing failed to knock out one newbie Speedster, while one veteran’s  confusion about the directions delayed the parade only temporarily. . .

Karen and I stepped off at 7 a.m. with a full tank of gas and met Todd el Taher & his pal Lucien at the Ragged Edge Coffee House in Gettysburg 91 minutes later–right on time. Todd had come up the night previous and, on the way, the shifter in his Speedster fell apart on the highway.

With not even a long flat blade screwdriver to reach into the tunnel, Todd managed to reassemble the mechanism and soldier on. That’s how the east coasters roll.

We were joined later by Cory and Jenny, driving the newly painted Hoopty, Kelly Frazier and the guy with the light blue Coupe–Rob–who parked in the metered handicapped spot right across from the cafe. The parking authorities were on the job at 8:45, delivering the $50 citation before Rob realized his mistake (the sign is rather high; the car sits rather low).

Met up at Merklins with Dale Schumacher, who brought his youngest son, Caleb to cruise in his super clean TD.

Caleb and Dale, with Todd in background

Was really happy to see (finally) Paul Mossberg’s TD. He built the car as a teenager, used it as his wedding car. Then three years ago blew the engine, then got divorced, during which time the car was locked in a shed, inaccessible. He got it out this spring, put a new motor in it, and is back in business.

Here’s the engine–the stuff you can see is all old, he says. Underneath it’s a new 1776-cc Type 1 VW mill. Paul’s addition meant we had three MGs on this run. I think it’s a record.

Three MGs at one Pumpkin Run. Not bad!

Alan and his new wife, Connie, put on a beautiful breakfast. Quiches, eclairs, fresh fruit–the works. I neglected to photograph the buffet. But this picture of post-breakfast Karen–who had just come 100 miles in an open car in 35-degree temperatures–should suffice:

I, as usual, looked dashing in my Snoopy Hat (TM). I do not understand why everyone does not wear these on days like this. Not because Bridget is far and away the slowest car, and I the most (ahem) careful driver, Alan asked us to serve as the “chase vehicle” for this run. We were honored with the walkie-talkie, instructed to inform him whenever we got through tricky intersections, etc.

So we lined up in back. Later we found out that we missed a lot of racy stuff between the Spyders going on at the head of the line. Danny Pip likes to rev his engine. Can’t really say I blame him.The view from the rear was fine. At the first stop we had a little bother with Marlies and Brian’s new (to them) Porsche. Driver’s rear wheel was loose–obviously not torqued to the correct 300 foot-pounds (or the bearing was just getting chewed up). Without a giant torque wrench or the requisite coffee-cup-sized socket to tighten the nut, Pip and a couple others took their best shot. They got it tight, but not fixed. We’d have to repeat this scene 50 miles later at the same spot. Marlies and Brian completed the run and made it home safe though.

Wild Bill’s car still reflects

At the other stop we did the traditional Cory-directed car line-up:

Fair enough that Bridget was in back this time. She was in front last year.

Cory’s car is now the Hoopty in name only:A bit of oil spewing from the dip stick tube slowed him down a bit, but nothing serious.

The final third of the run was delayed a few minutes when East Coast Bruce pulled over, thinking he had missed a turn. I immediately lost radio contact with Alan as the dozen or so cars behind Bruce sat by and scratched our heads.

Then Sally and Connie (in the Mustang) rolled past us. We got going again and all was fine.

A nice meal at Dillys, marred only slightly when a booster seat fell from a shelf and hit Karen on the head (why does this kind of thing always happen to her?), and we rushed out at 4:30 for the 2.5-hour ride home.

Sorry, guys, but Bridget seems to be in need of a battery, so I did not want to spend much time on the road after dark. The car ran flawlessly–good oil pressure and most of 12 volts all the way home.

Hitting a bit of traffic through Gettysburg, we got home at 7:15 with gas in the tank to spare–for the car, anyway. Karen and I were wiped out.

Thanks for a good run, Alan and Connie–and all the Speedster Owners. You’re good people.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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