Dash, Continued

Turns out I miscalculated the thickness of my epoxy layer. I’d figured my quarter-inch of marine ply, plus my eighth inch veneer, plus my epoxy would get me very near the half-inch thickness of the original dash. But not quite. So I had to make the dash a bit thicker in order for its edges to be able to take the screws and tacks that will hold the steel trim to it.

Tried for an eighth-inch sheet but the Despot had no hardwoods in sheets like that and I don’t think a cardboard/pegboard type material will hold up. Ended up with a sheet of quarter inch birch for $9. Glued my existing mess to it & let it set overnight.

making thicker1epoxy mix 3new glue set

The thing was starting to taco just a bit when I was sanding it, so I put more weight on it and set it on a sheet that wants to curl the other way.

While the epoxy was setting I started cleaning up the old chrome trim. trimclean1trimclean2Looks kinda dodgy, I know. This is going to take some doing–but don’t forget, none of Bridget’s chrome bits are all that natty. I would not want to outshine the rest of the car too obviously.

Next day I uncovered the dash and trimmed the edges. One of my mosaic pieces detached itself in that process. falling apart already 2I carried on. Glued it back and set it with clamps. Also screwed the dash to my work table to keep it from curling. The thickness is now just a little more than 9/16-inch; a sixteenth more than the stock dash. I can live with that–though I will have to seal that bottom bit of plywood much more thoroughly than I had planned for the marine ply. edge view 1Next: the dreaded glovebox cut.

About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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