Test fit with windlass–and a paint experiment

Put the new dash on the car to see how it might work with the vinyl windlass on top. Tight fit with the doors, but it should work.dash finish test fit2

Now the problem is the cowl. The old dash covered more of it, and under the wood was some rusty-looking stuff that would not come off.

Or, it would not come off without taking some paint with it.dash finish test fit4-paintOut comes the masking tape . . .cowl respray1And the propane heatercowl respray3I got the temp up to high 40s–good enough for the primercowl respray5cowl respray4Left it an hour or two and found the temp upcowl respray7

The Duplicolor spray can the previous owner gave me is a good match for this Ford Toreador red. It wants 68 degrees F . . . cowl respray6

I shot it anyway. cowl respray8

After the first coat I pulled back the masking tape and shot two more to overlap the primer line. cowl respray9Now I’ll let that dry overnight and hit it with some 1500 or 2000 grit to blend, then push the tape back another half inch and do another light coat.

The idea is to feather the new paint into the old. When it cures it’ll get a rubdown with 2500 grit and compounding. Then I’ll see if it needs a coat of clear. If this fails I’ll just take the whole scuttle to a decent body shop. The old windshield wiper plinths need to be sawed out and the holes patched, so paint may be in the offing anyway.

But if this works really well I might rattle-can that whole job in the garage.*

*Update 2/24: Peeled back the tape on top, blended with some wet 2000 grit, which knocked down the tape “ridge” and just perceptibly widened the line where primer was visible. Then cleaned it, wiped with thinner, then a tack rag and hit it with two more light coats.

cowl respray 10Gonna give it a couple weeks and see what a little compounding does to it. Looks pretty good right now.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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