BCW’s Gentleman’s Emergency Kit

From time to time on this blog I have made reference to “the gentleman’s emergency kit” that apparently came in Bridget’s glovebox when she was delivered from East London 61 years ago. I just realized that I have not, as yet, offered any detailed description–let alone photographic evidence–concerning said kit. So tonight, having (for perhaps the first time in six decades) replaced said kit in Bridget’s newly-minted glove box, I hereby rectify this oversight:

gentlemens emergency kit8gentlemens emergency kit3

gentlemens emergency kit2gentlemens emergency kit1gentlemens emergency kit4gentlemens emergency kit5gentlemens emergency kit7gentlemens emergency kit6

As is obvious, it’s not much more than a very modestly-proportioned stainless steel nippy flask, engraved with the date of Bridget’s shipping, her serial number, and the BCW logo (which on the flask is slightly different than on the steering wheel and hubcap badges she apparently sported, but anyway). There are two tiny shot cups, one with a BCW and the other an MG logo. And a tiny funnel. The flask is also engraved with the manufacturer’s name–Vickers-Armstrongs, Ltd.

The Wiki on that company, which existed in various iterations from 1927 through 1977, indicates it was an aircraft, ship and military vehicle builder through the middle decades of the last century. Among its many subsidiaries was Supermarine Aviation Works, builders of the Spitfire fighter plane.

Just how and why Vickers-Armstrongs found time to manufacture gift flasks for a couple of dodgy car builders in the early ’50s is a mystery I will try to solve in a later post.


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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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