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Bridget’s [Real] History

Had brunch with Graham and June Horner on Sunday, then met their son Mark and his partner, Duke. Graham Horner was Bridget’s builder (really, the original builder) in 1982. I got his name and address from the original invoice to … Continue reading

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So Carlisle happened, again. This year was the 10th anniversary of the Speedsters meet Spyders gathering of Porsche-shaped replicas. As is tradition, our brothers-under-the-skin invited us TD schlubs to join their group. Once again they (we) were the biggest replica … Continue reading

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Interior revamp

The BCW interior is composed of about 40 percent vinyl stuff (seats, door panels) and 60 percent carpet. The carpet–in Bridget’s case a cream high-pile style with plenty of wear–is very forgiving of imperfections. It’s also not like what a … Continue reading

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