Speedster Palooza & MGs on the Rocks

through glassDr. Clock (Alan Merklin) changed his annual Pumpkin Run this year to a mid September Saturday. Karen and I ran it down with a crew of about a dozen Speedster People & it was a sweet run–mainly through the same mountain twisties we usually do but this time ending at the Adams County Winery for a picnic lunch near the Gettysburg battlefield.

Always a blast and usually with good weather, the Run grew to more than 20 cars in 2012. The drivers needed walkie-talkies to keep the procession together. Last year it was so long that, after one driver in the middle of the pack missed a turn, radio contact was lost.

objects are losing

The group stayed together on this run, renamed “SpeedsterPalooza.”

Danny Dale etc1Syl Paul Maggie and ?

But it was not exclusive to Speedsters.

Paul Mossberg, former honcho of the New Jersey Replicar Club and longtime manager of TDReplica.com drove his 1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible.

 Petty signs

Yep, that’s Richard Petty’s John Hancock on that glovebox door.

Here’s the underside of Syl Mathis’s Speedster’s trunk lid:

Syls badges

They’re all reproductions, of course–home-made. He put his graphics genius to work making commemorative wine glasses and goblets. Etched with both the Speedster Palooza moniker and the “Merklin Motor Works” logo, they were just right for sipping “Rebel Red” and “Tears of Gettysburg” on a perfect day for a spirited drive.

glass empty

MGs on the Rocks

happened September 28 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many T cars in one place. There were like 8. Then there was this–I think–PA from 1935.

Pics now, with minimal comment.P car 3-4P car engine

Yup, looks like a cross-flow head.

P type shock1P car from back

Wow. Don’t see those buzzing around much. And speaking of Bluemels Brooklands steering wheels . . . steering wheel2steering wheel1steering wheel3 TFsteering wheel4 td

They DO seem to be the hot item these days, eh?

Bridget, of course, was parked out with the pedestrian vehicles. She did draw the attention of a nice young couple, though, who admired her dashboard.  I still like it.

This shot from August 10 Hunt Valley Cars and Coffee

This shot from August 10 Hunt Valley Cars and Coffee

Anyway: 6-8 sweet looking As.A team

2AsA blower1Including this supercharged one. Damn!

This 1950 TD (similar color to Bridget) had an original Judson on her–plus a five-speed out of an Austin Healey, according to the owner. “Everything on her is period,” the man said–excepting the A disc brakes. “She needs ’em, he said. She’ll do 100 miles an hour.”

TD red judsonHere’s some more of that car, which the owner said had been hit on the fender by an older lady on the way to the show.

TD redTD red int

Then there was . . .
TD engine

TD plaqueTD signs

I’ve got to re-work Bridget’s top. This pic shows me the way.

TD top detailHere’s a heater–they’re bigger than I realized.

TD heater

Lots to choose from.

T lineup TC 3-4 TC int TC motor TC picnicSpeaking of coming prepared: Here’s king of the B’s. He drove in from Ohio. . .

B trunk every3But that’s not the least of it.i been everywhere

Yeah, man!


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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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  1. john barry says:

    I aman old poorguy and not mechanicly inclined but I love these old cars..and happy with my sweet MG TDr

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