Soob Swap V: VW Engine Removal

So this weekend I pulled Bridget’s old 1300 out. It was a long time coming.

I got out my John Muir book and read the chapters on engine and transaxle removal twice before getting underway. The book is very helpful in terms of a checklist of things you have to disconnect. But the way Bridget is put together I could not drop the engine out as if she were a Bug.

Started out all together.

B engine out1

Took off the bumper and the spare tire rackB engine out2

Thought I’d be dropping the engine down so I at first left the spare tire carrier bars and the fake “gas tank” ends. But those had to come out. (I also took out B’s real gas tank after draining the last gallon and a half from her–the tank will need work if I go with the Suby FI system)

B engine out3

Marked all the wires again, pulled off the throttle cable and disconnected the fuel line. Then I found the 17mm bolts near the top of the engine. Down low I loosened a couple real big suckers–13/16 or so–before going back to the Muir book and realizing those were the wrong ones–the ones I wanted were behind those big ones.

As always with this kind of thing, there was considerable jacking up and crawling under and jacking back down. But it wasn’t such a big deal until I pulled the engine loose (with a couple scissor jacks and a piece of 2×6 under it) and realized that the body could not be taken off the engine and the engine could not be pulled through the opening in the back either.B engine out6

The trouble was the BCW subframe. This is the stout looking square tubing you’re looking at above. It clamps to the frame horns and a second cross brace, lower and forward, keeps everything stuck . . . so long as the heater boxes are attached, at least.

B engine out8

I attacked them and broke three out of the four studs. Then the buggers still wouldn’t come off because of the tin. On the left, failing to get the 10mm (or 11, or 12…) on the last impossible-to-reach bolt, I snipped it off. On the right I was able to get it right. 

Then I got the hoist and managed to get a chain link around the last, bent exhaust stud on the #3 cylinder in back. The front studs were fine and I got the chain on one of them OK.

B engine out9sm


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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