Shortening the coolant manifold

Here’s the first engine mod I’m doing to make this lump fit in Bridget. A few weeks back when I test-fit, I could see that the coolant manifold stuck out almost the edge of the “gas tank” engine cover.

tank end gap left

This was true even after I shuffled the mill forward, and it meant that any hose clamped to that spot would not fit within the confines of the engine bay.

There is a fix for this. A lot of people flip the manifold and reinstall it backwards but some have said that doing so may have unintended (and unfortunate) consequences for engine cooling.

My reason for doing it this way is related more to laziness. I just did not feel like R&Ring the intake manifold to get down to the coolant manifold. So I got out my little hacksaw.

coolant manifold 1

coolant manifold 2

coolant manifold 4 coolant manifold 3

What I liked about this mod (aside from the fact that it took just a bit more than an hour), was the look of the pipe beforehand. I envisioned those little casting flashes and block-like things as almost forming a “lip” to hold the hose in the new location. And with a bit of grinding, sure enough.

coolant manifold 5

coolant manifold 6

coolant manifold 7 coolant manifold 8Still going to be bloody tight. But this should get it, I hope.

If it doesn’t I can always flip it . . .


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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