Transmission front mounts

Been sick for a week now & not very motivated to go out in the cold garage. Daytime temps in the teens have not helped matters.

Even so, today I made some progress in the hour and a half I allotted myself. I’ve got all the parts for the custom front transmission mount made now, and rough-fitted together. Here they are.

front trans mounts3 front trans mounts2 trans mounts1

These 1.5-inch angle pieces will be welded to some 1-inch box that will extend from the 1.5-inch square tube subframe that BCW made for the kit. The 1-inch square tubes fit inside the 1.5-inch more loosely than I had calculated, which is bad–cause it means they will need shimming and lack perfect rigidity. But it is good because: adjustable.

I bought a single swaybar endlink for a mid 1980s GM car in order get the needed rubber biscuits to make the mounts.

new trans mounts2

Shorter (3-inch) grade 5 cap screws, fine thread.

Then just a matter of lining everything up and drilling the holes….

front trans mounts4

All together it looks like it will work:

front trans mounts5 front trans mounts6 front trans mounts7Next up: some threaded rod that I can bend to make braces connecting this to the old cast transmission mounting bung and make it a bit stronger. Probably not needed but it doesn’t hurt to overdo things.

Then final assembly and welding.

I have a couple of long sheet metal screws which I might use to screw the angle bits to the 1-inch square tube–and extend up into the frame horns to hold it all steady. Seems like doing that might allow a good welder (as opposed to me) to weld it all together with everything assembled. I’ll talk to Mike at the muffler shop about this.

Alternatively, I could just mark it and weld the pieces together myself, then reassemble. I kind of want to do that, because I’m itching to burn some wire.

But I feel like I’d screw it up and have to start over.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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