Working most of the day on a blog about tax breaks for Hollywood types. About 3 pm I’d had enough and went to the garage to work on Bridget, which I haven’t touched in two weeks. Decided to try welding.

weld 3Having never before attempted it, I rolled out the stick welder I picked up used a couple years ago, plugged it in, got out my new helmet and the gloves I got from Harbor Freight, and examined the sticks the kid who sold me the rig included at no extra charge. They all had the same number on them (6013–the farmer’s friend). So the choice was easy enough.

I decided to practice a minute before trying to join the metal I’d painstakingly cut and fit for my transaxle mounts. I grabbed a piece of scrap box metal and another bit of C channel I’d cut off in an abortive attempt at the trans mounts. Cleaned them up on the wheel, and stuck a magnet to one side overlapping both.

I set the welder to 120, attached the electrode to the work, put a stick in the other electrode and burned it.

It stuck a few times at first. Then all of a sudden I had an arc and a puddle. Hah!

weld practice2 weld practice1Got a little burn through there. I dialed the amps back one notch and moved on to the work itself. Got it done.

weld4 weld 1 weld2Obviously, not professional. But I hit them both pretty good with a hammer and they’re stuck, at least for now. A little work with the grinding wheel, a wire brush, some paint and I’ll be ready to install ’em under there where no one (I hope) will ever point them out and laugh.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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