The Wires

I honestly had no idea that I would be taking out the whole interior of the Suby, forward of the seats. Or that the dash board is this hard to get out.


I did find myself kicking it and screaming at one point. It was the next evening before I found the bolts and nuts I had missed. Some things did get broken.



That’s an airbag, upside-down.

I still haven’t figured out the steering wheel/column.

But, over a few hours, working over the past week, I did manage to get some wires out of the car.


By this afternoon I was getting to the point where I needed help. I emailed–then called–Tom Shiels. He runs a business in Ontario specializing in Subaru-into-VW van conversions. Haven’t heard a bad word about him.

He’s agreed to make Bridget’s wiring harness out of whatever I send him from the Subaru. But on the condition that I send him the necessary stuff. He charges several hundreds of American dollars for this service, and I am happy to pay him.

I asked him what stuff it was OK to cut off the wires I’m intending to mail him, and what stuff I better keep on there. He asked me to email him pics, which I did.

He got back to me within a couple hours, like so: sensor thingie Marked passenger box1 Marked fuese box connectors1 Marked fender side connectors-int Marked engine-trans connectors1 Marked end piece1 Marked drivers side rigs1 Marked drivers side box2 MarkedHe also included a rough diagram of the harness for Bridget. It looks good–though we will need to talk more about where the mass air flow meter is going to go in relation to the other stuff.

At this point I still had to get the heater core, air box and other stuff out of the way so I could get to the main harness. That meant taking out the cross bar that held up the dash (and the steering wheel). Not too hard.

Still, many wires remain.

main messI sent more pics to Shiels in the hope of some final advice.

I do think I should be able to get this all out and boxed up by tomorrow.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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