Carlisle, 2014

For the first time since I started going in 2010, I went to the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals without Bridget.

My wife also did not make it this year.

It was still amazingly fun. The TDr group mustered five cars, and Bill brought his son, Dave, with his Sharpie Special Golf VR6.


Bill actually let me drive his car in the auto-x, an experience I will never forget. Compared to Bridget, Bill’s Ford-powered TD is another animal. The pedals are all scrunched together, for instance, so when your foot is on the gas the brake pedal is on top of your right shoe.

The 5-speed in his car is just beautiful. The shifter is unbelievably crisp.

It also has some power. I looped it twice on Turn 1, unable to modulate my throttle steering. Bridget never had the power to do that and, of course, Bill’s car is much more nose heavy (and tail-light), so it want to do things that Bridget will never be capable of doing.

Really humbled me as a would-be driver, it did.

Paul brought his new (to him) Intermeccanica Convertible D. So beautiful, it stayed under the roof in IM’s showcase on Friday.

It was great to meet Montie Henderson, who dragged his Forb-based car from Ohio. Montie’s car is basically Bill’s car except with white fenders instead of brown. He’s got it beautifully detailed too, right down to a wooden, MG-monogrammed jewel box under the hood holding various tiny spares.

Greg Press rolled in from near-Chicago in a red, VW-powered car that was so much the spittin-image of Schubie’s ride–right down to the color–that if he did not have the chrome steel wheels in place of Shu’s mod wires I would not have been able to tell them apart in the parking lot.

He had some shifter issues that I tried to help with and made worse before one of the Speedster guys leapt in to save the day.

He ran the car on the track anyway.


As did Dale–or Dale’s son, anyway, even though they found out in the parking lot why the car seemed a little lumpy and leaked some oil: the bolts holding one of the heads on had backed out.


Roy and Julie made it again. They are awesome.

Danny Piperato brought his ultra-quick Spyder again–plus a drone to shoot pictures. It was windy Saturday when the Posche guys finally went up the hill for the picture, but Danny flew it anyway.

IMG_4416Cool little machine and wish i’d knew about it when the cars were running the auto-X. As it was, my brand new GoPro failed on startup and so I had only my iphone for video this trip. (GoPro is sending me a new camera).

IMG_4399Hoping next year I can make a decent showing with a well-sorted, Subaru-powered Bridget.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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