Waiting for Muffler Man

The day after Memorial Day I towed Bridget to National Budget Muffler for a full exhaust and coolant pipes. Mike was there, bright and early, and I showed him what I needed done and how:


1. Take the old exhaust pipes, cut them up and make a new one out of it, running the passenger pipe forward and behind the oil pan, merging with the driver’s side pipe there, then attach one of the catelytic converters routing rearward, add an oxegen sesnor after that, then bending left and into the muffler, then out under the bumper–hopefully in the stock location, just inside the passenger side overrider. All this has to be tight up  against the bottom of the car.

2. Replace the PVC mock-ups of the coolant pipes with aluminized 1.5-inch exhaust. Make a J-pipe for the outlet on the top, driver’s side, tight against the inside opening to clear the “gas tank” ends.

3. Weld the tabs on my transmission mount subframe–two on each side, plus weld the square tube into the existing square tube subframe.

Mike had told me the job could be done in a week or so. He told me the charge would be $500, max. I hoped to get the car back by Friday so i could work on it–maybe finally get it started–over the weekend of June 1.

That did not happen.

It did not happen again this week, either. On Saturday at 4 p.m. I dropped by the shop with a sixer for the boys, hoping for good news.

No joy.

I know they have been working on it. On Wednesday, June 4 I showed up at the shop around 9 a.m. on my way to work. Mike showed me the exhaust, and it was all but done. The final tailpipe piece was not yet on it (alas, the exit is set to be behind the bumper, six-eight inches to the right of my target. But no biggie). The head pipes looked good and the cat was on. I could not see if he had put the second 02 bung after the cat.

He also had the passenger side coolant pipe done. And here he had done more than I asked–working to take the pipe over the axle instead of just to the torsion tube, where I had planned to plug in my stainless steel flexi-pipe. Mike showed me several lengths of flex radiator hose he’d got to finish the job.

I didn’t argue–his work is better than mine. But I did already spend, like, $80 on that SS flexi hose.

He also missed my existing clamp under the front pan. “You’ll have to re-drill those holes,” he said.

OK, I guess. But why not build it to spec?

The driver’s side was not started yet on Wednesday. Mike said the shop had got slammed with work, and lots of people need their cars right away. I would have prioritized my time the same way.

Still, I’d hoped that, during the rest of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then all day Saturday, that last pipe might have got done.

We’ll see what happens this week.



About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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