Roll Bar

Picked up a roll bar today on the off chance it might be makable into something that will work in Bridget.

Very maybe, turns out:

IMG_5163 IMG_5162 IMG_5161 IMG_5160Now, I’ve got my hands full for the next couple months redoing B’s front underpan, installing all my new sway bars and front disc brakes, tightening up the wiring, readjusting the shifter again, making sure the rear engine mounts are sound and testing and praying over the cooling system.

But once all that’s done . . . I could see how this old showbar might be attached in a useful way to Bridget’s rear shock towers and frame horns and sub frame.

And, assuming it’s made of the correct .120 DOM–which it ought to be, since it’s a Kirk bar–I could see maybe putting a diagonal in the back, a petty bar down from the left top to the passenger footwell and maybe even (if some sanctioning authority absolutely insists on it) finding room for a driver’s side diagonal maybe from just above the seat top to a spot left of the clutch pedal.

That would be a hella tight fit.

But all together, a five or six-point triangulated bar might be possible here with just a few day’s expert welding and fab work.



About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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2 Responses to Roll Bar

  1. Kent Thomas says:

    Ed, what was the rollbar initially built/fitted for? I’d love to have one for my TD replica, if I could still use it with my convertible top.


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