Garage sort: cabinets

By mid December I managed to get the garage reasonably cleaned out. I sold Bridget’s old engine and put the casters from the cart I made for it under the big chrome-like cabinet, and that made everything fit in the SW corner of the shop. I made a dump run with the truck, was turned away from the county landfill because I had too much construction debris, but I managed to get rid of the stuff at a private landfill nearby. Only had about 2-300 pounds of stuff.

So far, anyway.

Next on the list is rearranging the huge array of cabinets that came with the garage. First I decided to cull the big mess on the East wall, to unshroud my windows. Got that done tonight.

IMG_5165Started out by emptying the cabinets. Then I started pulling them down. I had already measured and decided to use the oak ones only. They seem to be the best quality and they fit rather nicely between the two giant windows that the cabinet array previously all-but-covered.

IMG_5164Here’s what the rest of the shop looks like. Before I started this cabinet thing I could easily put both cars and the truck in the garage and get any one in or out without disturbing the others. Pretty sure I could have gotten another subcompact in behind Bridget as well and had access to three out of the four vehicles unimpeded. It’s really quite a large space.

IMG_5166Taking them down. The right thing to do here and now would be to get four sheets of 3/8 sheetrock and go over that wall for fire code. But it’s raining out and I don’t feel like driving sheetrock around in the rain today. So We’ll end up taking them all down again in a few months probably.

IMG_5167 IMG_5169I put the short ones back first, and a bit lower than they were to make them more usable to me. The previous owner was 6-5 or so and built everything to suit himself.

IMG_5168This is a tall cabinet going on the lower row sideways. It needed a bit of reinforcement because of the odd way I’m hanging it.

IMG_5170 IMG_5171Next I put the two big cabinets back up. They’re still pretty high but this is about six inches lower than they were before.

I wanted to put that narrow one in the middle but it would miss a stud, and those big cabinets were plenty heavy enough without me screwing other cabinets to the sides of them.

IMG_5172And the finished mess, nicely centered between the windows. Yes I know that lower-left one is sideways. What of it?

Now, the leftover cabinets are rougher than I thought. A couple have some pretty hairy mouse damage to the particle board. I might save some of the hardware but I will probably chuck the boxes. It’s not like these are the only cabinets in the garage. There are two other sets yet to deal with.

One garage cabinet job done, two to go.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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