Detour: surprising test-fit progress

Another three and a half hours and I’ve hung all the new parts on the truck. Amazingly, the driver’s side headlight was easier to fit than the passenger side. I only had to elongate one hole.

Here’s the condenser installed.


The lower right foot has nowhere to stand, but I put a grommet on it to keep it from knocking against the twisted rad mount. I used another one as a spacer on the driver’s side to make up for the pushed-in sheet metal.

You can also see the new washer bottle. I managed to get three out of the four mounting points on that one, after bending the middle-upper mounting stud with a deep socket. Only missing the bottom bolt now, and I might be able to rig something with sheet metal screws later.

The new passenger headlight looks sweet.


The old one had been damaged previously and repaired (by me) with some angle aluminum. When I fit the new one, I realised that the passenger fender was a little in. I loosened the first two top fender bolts and levered it out with a 2×4. A little more fiddling and the new light went in nice and tight.

The driver’s side took less time still to line up, despite the smashed-ness. I got both top screws into it, and although the plastic clip that holds the bottom is half gone, it still feels nice and tight.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that getting the fender on around this is going the be a struggle. The bottom of the light is also in about 3/4 of an inch. So I may end up with a lot more work to do on this.

But the orientation looks just about right. And the height could not be much better.

IMG_5306 IMG_5307A quarter-inch lower on the driver’s side? After 13 years I’m calling that dead-right.

I fit the hood latch bracket back on, and it was a struggle to get the bolts lined up. I finally ovaled the bottom one about an eighth inch, thinking the rad mount lifted about that much there. There is still tension but it goes together OK now.


After that I fit the plastic air intake stuff back on. There is an air box on the passenger side that had four rubberized mounting brackets to isolate it. Only one goes on it now. As they all attach on the inner fender well, which crumpled pretty good, I’m not surprised.


I can also make new brackets and/or extenders to get the thing back where it belongs.

All-in-all a productive afternoon. Fingers-crossed that the fender, hood and big bumper cover fit without too much trouble.



About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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