Here is the moment of truth. IMG_5445

I bought the bottom pan for the frame head last winter to patch this little bit of rust under the front beam.

IMG_5449 IMG_5450Yesterday I decided to get after it. So I jacked up Bridget’s nose as high as I could get it. IMG_5442 IMG_5443


And climbed underneath with a light and my new-for-Christmas angle grinder. IMG_5451 IMG_5454


I wanted to first grind off the fiberglass coating that the P.O. helpfully slathered all across the bottom of the pan. This, of course, was a tell-tale. I, of course, did not until this minute what it was telling me. IMG_5448 IMG_5452 IMG_5453 IMG_5455 IMG_5456 IMG_5457 IMG_5458Oh.

IMG_5460With the glass shaved away I see that I’ve got not so much metal for the boys to weld my new pan piece to. Basically, the car would seem to need floor pans and, yeah, prbably, the Napolean’s Hat as well.

Basically, Bridget needs a new chassis.

As driving season is upon us, it is my intention to not disassemble Bridget completely and replace the pan.

I will, instead, proceed as planned, installing this new bit of sheet metal as securely as I (and the welding boys at the muffler shop) can manage. I’ll probably glass in the endhes as well for good measure. IMG_5461 IMG_5463 IMG_5464It will take another couple hours to grind the existing tunnle parts down so this new piece can sit flush. I’ll weld a bit where I can on the inside of the tunnel, then install this part with a few sheet metal screws, drop it off at National Budget and ask them sweetly to do their best. I know what they’re going to tell me, but it will be better when they’re done than it was yesterday.

After that . . . grave contemplation. Next year or the year after that, we are going to have a project that makes the engine swap look like a tire rotation.







About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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