Hunt Valley run

Little rain fell as I drove Bridget to Hunt Valley this a.m. with the top up. Wasn’t enough to use the wipers, and didn’t continue as I joined a smallish crowd of regulars. The tank was there. A guy with a ’74 Eldorado ‘vert. I live those cars. An Australian dude with an orange-ish ’74 MGB that’s all that and a bag o’ ponies too.

IMG_5712 IMG_5711

Name’s Pete; says he’s got a dyno slip that shows 118 horses at the rear wheels from this 1.9-liter beauty. That’s reasonably double the stock B motor. The car is done up right.

There were some exotics there, of course, Ferraris, a Pantera, some real nice iron. But I had to pause on this Speedster. Note the shape of the tunnel.


The shifter is an other tell-tale, as is the lack of a visible parking brake. Yup: this one’s the genuine item. The owner was telling Will (the guy who runs the show) about his racing exploits with the car, which apparently came after its previous racing exploits in the early-mid ’60s. I didn’t interrupt. But what a car!

Here’s a Healy 3000–nice example.

IMG_5707I always loved the hood-mounted tachs on the Firebird 400s . . .

IMG_5706As always, the hooners–er, “tuners”–we out in force. I love their sense of humor. A Daft Punk vanity plate on a Volvo?IMG_5720Or is this more properly known as a Lowvo? IMG_5719Anyway, always too much neat stuff to see. This magnificent beast ended up parked next to me. I should have taken a pic of its steering wheel, which was about the same diameter (17 inches) as mine, and properly old-timey banjo-style. But in that car it looked to scale.

I ended up shooting them both from Bridget’s side to note the size difference.

crop bignlittleJust as I was leaving I spied a guy in a red TF. He was on the way out too, so I didn’t get a picture–dang! Nice guy; says he’s got a TD as well. Hopefully next time I can get him to park next to mine so we can do a side-by-side comparison.

Bridget ran great, both to-and-fro. An earlier issue with the horn blowing I solved with the provision of a couple new fuses and holders–these holders water-resistant. The new shifter is a dream…though 4th seems a little gloppy. I can’t remember if I actually greased the fitting or not after I put it in. I know I greased the cup underneath…

Always sorting something.





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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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