I heard “the squeak”

Bridget is running well but there is always something to fix on a car like this, and I’ve been hearing a persistent squeaking noise coming from the front end. Sounds like the passenger side.

Paranoid about my wheel bearings, I pulled that side apart the other night and re-greased the cages. There was no obvious problem with the bearings on visual inspection, but when I put them back the wheel nut tightened about a half turn further than it had been before. And the caliper rubbed now when I put it back the way it had been before.

I put the washers (shims) on the inside of the caliper this time and the rub was much less. I actually did this assembly three times to see how it went both ways  before reinstalling with the shims, the way it is on the other side.

Greased the new shifter too. I thought that might cure a mushy feeling shift into 4th. It did not, but the grease somehow knocked the dang thing out of alignment so it needed a readjustment the next morning.

Meantime we headed over to Lowes for the Friday night cruise-in.

IMG_5759Came across this guy, Mark, with his TR3. He says he’s got new chrome wheels from Moss, so he’ll be selling the old ones. I took his card.

That’s a Sunbeam Tiger on the other side of it. Legit beast from back in the day. Then a dude with a rubber bumper B rolled up soon after I got there, but he did not take the spot next to me for some reason. Too bad. The crowd was unusually light on this evening, and I’d never seen four British cars in a parked in row at Lowes before.

There was this 356 coupe. Gotta love these cars.

IMG_5760 IMG_5761


The rest of the crowd were the usual suspects. Sone realy nice A-rods, a couple Cobras, mustangs, a Buick GS and a 69 AMX 390–those are kind of a forgotten giant killer.

I had to pause by this big-block Camaro. The detailing was really fine on it, down to the shifter plate showing D321 instead of the original D21. Looked absolutely factory, but the 4-speed auto came way after this car was made.

IMG_5764Anyway. The shifter seems good but the squeak continues. The wheel seems good too. breaks are good. Balljoint maybe? Or just maybe the bodyor fiberglass making squeak noises from the scuttle shake I’ve been living with all these years? No telling yet.

Gonna try to run up to PA for the Pagoda Hill Climb next week. Hopefully it’ll be good weather and no car troubles.

Bill Aschman, who caged his TD this year, is running. He also sent this nice photo from the PHA’s website. autox2




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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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