Fender Stretch


Well, I gone and done it: Cut into Bridget’s perfectly good left rear fender. Sliced it lengthwise. Took out a  crescent-shaped chunk.

The idea is to stretch the fenders ever-so-subtly so as to cover the tops of the tires when she’s shod with wire wheels.

Yup: Grabbed me a set of MWS 60-spoke painted wires last spring, modified the hubs to mount them, and put them on. They stick out past the fenders, and so here we are.


The amount of stick-out is not all that radical. Some of my TDr colleagues live with this sort of thing, and that’s perfectly sensible. I considered doing so as well.

But Bridget is a bit low. The tires rub the fenders at this stance, and when I looked at the beam adjusters, I realized: she’s already as high as she can go with the diminished spring pack.

The rear torsion bars are even trickier: no adjusting them without pulling the body off the pan. I tried a coil-over but its lowest setting was way too high. And so…IMG_7768.JPGIMG_7780.JPGIMG_7786.JPGIMG_7790.JPGIMG_7796.JPGIMG_7799.JPG


I’ll be stretching them all like this, with Simpson Strong Ties screwed in temporarily. The glassing-in comes later…maybe not until spring, when the temperature is a bit higher.



About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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