Spare Carrier Done

I do love it when a plan comes together. Before:



Tucking my spare tire in that inch-and-a-half took all damn day. And I still need to paint the new carrier. And I burned the hell out of my left foot. But I am happy.

I started this morning by checking to make sure the new bars would fit inside the wire wheels, a step I had neglected yesterday. They fit perfectly, so I tacked the center plate and hinge plate on.


The offset inside the wheel was just about right.IMG_7989.JPG

But the hinge plate was too far to the right. IMG_7991.JPG

Moved it over and drilled the hole for the hinge bolt, then set about centering the Delrin catches on the other side. They are exactly three inches apart. My two C channels are spaced a nominal five inches, edge to edge, to match the width of the original piece. That means notches for a vertical piece; otherwise the “C” edges would interfere.IMG_7992.JPG


The Delrin pieces would not quite fit inside the C channel though, so I had to hog it out with the grinder. Then they fit nice and snug.IMG_7995.JPGIMG_7996.JPGIMG_7997.JPG


A few more tack welds and test fits….IMG_7999.JPG



Pukka doesn’t even begin to cover it.IMG_8003.JPG

That’s tight, friends. IMG_8005.JPG

Most of the spare tire sits in front of the bumper. (No, it does not touch the bumper). Nice. Here’s how the new rig fits along the trunk line:IMG_8010.JPG




And the original, for comparison:IMG_8015.JPGIMG_8017.JPGNow for some bird poop…IMG_8028.JPGIMG_8027.JPGIMG_8026.JPGIMG_8025.JPGIMG_8024.JPG

There was a lot of spatter. At some point, a meteorite came through the top of my sneaker and made sweet, sweet love to three of my toes. I did not enjoy that.IMG_8022.JPGAnd that’s all we have time for.



About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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