Fender-stretching, continued

After several weeks’ hiatus I got back into Project Fender-Stretch on Bridget today, moving to the light body filler phase of the fenders and hood and other bits. To re-cap, I began with glass cloth and glass mat, moved on to Upol Fibral, a short-strand fiberglass filler that actually adds strength, and now I’m filling in the low spots with Upol’s Gripped polyester body filler, which is a variant of good ol’ Bondo. I’m using the UPol product because I’ve heard it’s a good idea to keep it all in the family, if possible.


So far, so good. The filler goes on smooth and sands very nicely. My only complaint is I seem to me getting more than the usual amount of voids and pinholes. It’s probably down to my inexpert mixing and application skills, though.

I spent a couple hours and got a couple layers on the driver’s front, which has been the Problem Child. I figure we’ll need one, maybe two more to be finished with them all.


The scuttle’s looking fine, and so are the few stress cracks on the hood, which I’d got to “while I’m at it.” The technique: first grind out the crack with a blade so it’s wider and v-shaped. Then grind away the paint and gelcoat around the crack, then hit it with the Fibral. I did all that last time I came out here, a few weeks ago.


Clean everything. Apply the filler. Wait 20 minutes. Cheese-grate or go directly to 80 grit, which is what I did here on top, since it was flat. Then the second application. As with the fenders, there’ll be a skim coat here too, to fill these nettlesome little voids, before moving to the 150-220-300 grit.


After sanding the right front I marked the low spots. Then…img_8092

It’s getting close now. The driver’s front was much easier.img_8095

That’s basically one pass. The skim coat should do it there. Then we’re on to primer.

Except, no. I still have some underbelly glassing to get to, and a whole brace of little body bits that need attention. While I’m at it.


About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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