Filler progress, and hiding the steering shaft

Spent a few more hours this weekend sanding and smoothing, working the filler. We’re about four or five filler applications past where I thought I’d be done, but I’ve got down to mixing a little fiberglas resin into the Gripped filler to make it flow. Shouldn’t be long now. 

img_8123When we left off last week, I still had a few low spots on both fenders.IMG_8126.JPG

I was mixing enough filler to hit both front fenders, but it was drying up by the time I got to the end. (I also drilled the holes for the signal lights).IMG_8128.JPG

IMG_8130.JPGAdding some resin to the mix gave me a more workable product. I also decided to just concentrate on the passenger side.


Got it very close now. One more skim coat and I’m leaving the 80 grit behind, I think.


I moved the parking lights out about 5/8 of an inch from where they had been, to center them near the top of the fenders. I moved the mirrors out a little too. They appear to line up pretty well, side to side.


The goal is to make the wider fenders invisible to anyone without a measuring tape and a set of calipers.

Speaking of invisible, I finally got back to my “hide the steering shaft” project. At last look, we had molded a semi-workable cover for the main part of the shaft, and altered the part of the front valance that covers the steering box cover (wow, that was mid-December).

Today we did a little sanding and trimming of that new piece, and set about extending the valance to cover the front of it. I used some available bits of ABS plastic from what used to be a treadmill. Here are the new cover and the valance. I drilled the shaft cover so it can be secured by the hood latch.

IMG_8136.JPGYou can see the edge of the valance is now a bit lower than the front of the cover. I had to bend it up, so it’ll need some re-glassing.

To cover the remaining gap, I cut two bits of plastic from the treadmill parts on hand. After considering them a while, I decided to bolt them to the valance using stainless allen screws and rivet-nuts.



There’s one more bolt to go. Then it’s clean and paint the new “louvers” to match the car, glass the underside of the valance, clean up the top, prime and paint it. And skim-coat the shaft cover, and make some sort of discrete attachment for it on the bottom right.

Kind of a lot of work to solve a “problem” that not one person in 200 even noticed about the car. But that’s progress.


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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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2 Responses to Filler progress, and hiding the steering shaft

  1. Very good. It’s looking nice.

  2. stuntmidget says:

    Thanks, Bill. No one else understands me.

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