Spring has sprung

Well it’s been a long time between posts so here’s an update and some pics.

Yesterday was about the first beautiful Saturday of 2018, and so I saddled-up Bridget and made my way to the Hunt Valley Horsepower cars and coffee, and it was a scene. Here’s Bridget parked next to the chalkboard horror, which is one of my favorite rides that regularly shows up here. Kids swarm this car and draw all over it, totally digging the Halloween/haunted-car theme. This guy is kool!


Bridget, dusty from several months’ storage, still got her share of attention. One guy walked up and announced the he owned a ’53 TD, which was stored in his restoration shop, which specializes in Lotus cars. I had to confess right off that Bridget was less British than German and Japanese. I showed him her engine and he totally humored me.

I guess there were 300 cars in the lot, at least. Plus the tank. And the British contingent was thick on the ground.IMG_1074

There was this real ’52 TD, nicely restored.


Dig those correct Lucas headlight medallions!


There was also a cream colored TC I neglected to shoot. The driver of that said it was his sister’s car. “I usually take the ’23 Bently,” he said. Dang!



At least two MGAs were present.IMG_1071

I mean, how often do you come across a big Healey, an MGA and a TR6 parked right in a row (Plus a legit Caterham 7 on the other side of the Triumph)?

Or two Morgans arranged back-to-back?



So very cool.

My phone battery was dying so I didn’t take as many pics as I might have. But it was a feast for the car guy’s eyes. The real Porsche Speedster was there, plus a replica. There was a line of Ford A rods that just sparkled. Many of the exotics showed. Tuner boys. My buddy Ron showed up with his Karman Ghia. I was there to meet him and try to get the title for a ’75 Beetle.

It’s the donor car for the build that’s occupied my time over the past year—a ’55 Porsche Spyder tribute I’m close to finishing.

The Spyder is my first complete car build, complete with tube welding and aluminum shaping (along with the inevitable fiberglass), wiring, plumbing and a thousand small decisions about what goes where—and in what order—to make the car go. Packed with period-correct details seldom (if ever) found on 550 kits, it will be a uniquely-accurate replica of the iconic 1500 Renn Sport. Building it has been an adventure and a hell of a learning curve.

It’s also the reason I’ve not been blogging here all that much.

But don’t worry: Bridget was well-exercised in 2017. We came in 3rd at the Carlisle Limbo contest (beat out by two Spyders, alas!). We cruised the back roads and occasionally drove to work.

We missed the Lime Rock Historics last year, but we did roll to Virginia Beach for the Air and Auto Classic.


That’s my buddy “Smilin'” Jack Breza with his Smilin’ Bugeye Sprite; behind him is Royal with his Mini Cooper. And of course Dale Schumacher’s red TDr.

Irony here: Roy’s looking to maybe sell his TDr, Jack (who had two TDrs, sold one of them and bought an unbuilt Ford-based TD kit that he and Roy are now building, and Schu has a Speedster he’s been working on for years.


Bill, our Ford-based racing TD enthusiast, blew his Pinto engine up racing last year, and replaced it with a V8 crate motor. He’s close to done with the project.

Goes to show: the TDr guys are less about TDrs than about making cars.




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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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  1. Tom Vilardi says:

    Plaid Hood on the Morgan…. Gotta love it!

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