This is an homage to the “Original TD Midget” site, where most of my MG knowledge originates. As Bridget is a replica of a 1952 MG TD, one of the most storied sports cars of the last century, I thought it only proper to supply her with a replica provenance. The words and images on this site, when not ripped directly from those with truer claims to greatness, are made-up, fabricated and confected by me, for amusement purposes only.

My nephew and niece don't know she's a fake!

To avoid complete uselessness, aside from the obviously made-up stuff I’ll post a mix of illustrated tutorials on how to fix (or poorly attempt to fix) various major and minor issues that crop up with the VW-based Model 52 kits, plus the occasional paean to the wonder and beauty of BCW ownership. The early posts will be back-dated to reflect the actual period in which events occurred.

Please enjoy! Join in if you’ve got, or want, a BCW car. And when you see glaring errors or omissions, call me on it.


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  2. Pingback: The Remarkable History of “Old Number 110″ | bridgetmgtd

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