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Bridget’s Early Racing History

As time has passed I have tried to piece together the narrative and context of my grandfather’s sports car career. It now appears probable that he was, if not a founding member of the Four Cylinder Club of New Haven, … Continue reading

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BCW History — 4 (left behind)

Immaturity and indolence no doubt played important roles in the demise of the Gantry boys’ original British Coach Works effort; if they had tended to their supposed specialty–bodywork–they may have enjoyed success. As it was, history passed them by. By … Continue reading

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BCW History — 3

One of BCW’s problems was that, although the Gantrys ran a body shop, they hardly ever did any actual body work, preferring to tinker (sometimes disastrously) with the engines their mechanic, Mike Cosworth built. Scant records indicate that the boys … Continue reading

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Notes, 10-15

10. Winding nearly 2000 miles from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, the Carrera Panamericana course was so treacherous that 26 people perished, forcing the government to suspend racing after the 1954 race. The race attracted well-financed factory teams … Continue reading

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Notes, 1-9

1. Partial British Coach Works brochure–half of one page–photo of garage and MG TD with slogo: “Safely Faster,” and second page with list of modifications

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