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Lime Rock Vintage Festival

Since I got Bridget in the fall of 2009 it has been my ambition to get her on the race track–preferably one of the historic courses on which she cut her teeth under grandpa’s hands 60 years ago. And so … Continue reading

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Bridget is Back!

I drove Bridget today for the first time since last fall. The Subaru 2.2 runs, the transmission shifts, the gauges all seem to work and the oil leaks out only very slowly. We are not done. Not very close to … Continue reading

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Working most of the day on a blog about tax breaks for Hollywood types. About 3 pm I’d had enough and went to the garage to work on Bridget, which I haven’t touched in two weeks. Decided to try welding.

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A BCW makes the Cover of “The Boot, Hood and Bonnet”

    Got a note from a new club member, Neil Flaherty, who shared with me this nifty feature about his BCW in a bon-E-fied British Car club newsletter. Neil says the club Poohbah himself asked him to write it … Continue reading

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BCW’s Gentleman’s Emergency Kit

From time to time on this blog I have made reference to “the gentleman’s emergency kit” that apparently came in Bridget’s glovebox when she was delivered from East London 61 years ago. I just realized that I have not, as … Continue reading

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Remote hood latch release

Being a BCW, Bridget has some quirks (or features) that other TD kits don’t share. One of these is the hood latch mechanism, about which BCW ad copy effuses, “Secure luggage space. Open and lock hood from inside the car.” … Continue reading

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Test fit with windlass–and a paint experiment

Put the new dash on the car to see how it might work with the vinyl windlass on top. Tight fit with the doors, but it should work.

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