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Rust, continued

I made some new frame pieces to go with the underside of the frame head today, then assembled the thing with bolts and screws ahead of its tow to National Budget. I also seem to have lost my new master … Continue reading

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Here is the moment of truth.

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Finalling the Radiator mounts, trying the wires

By mid May I had the wires back and only needed to get my radiator squared away nicely before I ran out of excuses not to try to get the car running. I ended up using an aluminum angle iron–bent … Continue reading

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Home stretch on the motor mounts

This front transmission mount is giving me new respect for fabricators. What looked like a simple bar with a bit of angle iron on it has turned into quite a project–especially for a guy who doesn’t know how to weld.

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Soob Swap III–The Prep

My wife and I were very fortunate that the previous owner of the house was extremely handy, and had so many tools he could not take them all when he left. One bit of good news: he left us an … Continue reading

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Bridget’s [Real] History

Had brunch with Graham and June Horner on Sunday, then met their son Mark and his partner, Duke. Graham Horner was Bridget’s builder (really, the original builder) in 1982. I got his name and address from the original invoice to … Continue reading

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Air and Auto Classic–Virginia Beach

We were 25 miles out of Virginia Beach when The Fear took hold. I remember screaming something like, “We can’t go through the tunnel!” at Schubie, over the din of Friday rush hour and our clattering Type 1 engines. “Why?” … Continue reading

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