Web sites I like

Here are some related and/or admired sites about MG TDs, MG (and other) kit cars, old cars, old racing cars and the British Coach Works:

  • MG TD Replica/Kit Car Owners’ Club — a site and bulletin board dedicated to the several makes of replica TDs.
  • BCW newspaper article: Sept. 6, 1984 Pittsburgh Press story about the Fusseneggers’ MG replica company.
  • Posti’s TD — this is a chronicle of another BCW owner’s experiences. He sold the car a few years back. Would love to hear from the new owner.
  • The Original TD Midget — a brilliant history and waaay too much precise detail on the original & genuine item.
  • MG World — cool guy with a cool TC.
  • “Wildflower”— another cool guy trying to keep a pristine TC going. He seems to update it a lot.
  • Forgotten Fiberglass — Extensive recounting, love and search for classic ‘glass “specials” and kits from the ’50s and ’60s, when the lines separating “kit car,” “sports car” and “race car” were thin indeed.
  • The Chicane — old race cars, old races, old, old old!
  • SCCA Race Results, 1950s — assembled by Ferrari enthusiast Cliff Reuter.
  • The Samba — Air-cooled (mostly) VW classifieds and forums.
  • The H.A.M.B. — Hokey-ass message board for hot rodders.
  • British Car Week — the new BCW: a week to enjoy your British (or British-looking) vehicle out in public.
  • Kit Car Builder — “National Kit Car Club” and the last magazine devoted to the hobby.
  • 1950 MG TD Rebuild Project — Beautiful, detailed shots of a way-too-far-gone PA car that a hugely patient and skilled guy brought back. Bonus for racing uncle’s TD photos!
  • Last Open Road — Burt Levy writes better than me & probably drives better too. Bastard!
  • Bridget the Midget — Guy with a ’77 MG he’s driven around the world. Now he’s going to drive it to South Africa.
  • Gettin’ a L’il Psycho on Tyres — Art Tidesco on everything from a ’22 Rolls fire engine to the “ex-POW” MG K3. He posts almost daily.
  • My 1953 MG TD Revival Blog — A man and his father-in-law’s ’53. Great multi-generational story not unlike mine & Bridget’s, except this one’s apparently true.
  • A 21st Century Barn Find — A man goes in search of his late father’s 1955 Deutsch Bonnet Panhard LeMans. Finds it. If you don’t know what a DB Panhard is, now’s the time to learn.

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