Cleanup and paint fail

Rolled Bridget out of the lift bay today to blow some of the dust off.


Used the air compressor, then the hose, then the carwash bucket ands the carwash soap and then the hose again.


That looked great.

Then I went to work with the wet sanding. Started with 220 but it seemed harsher than the fine standing sponge I’d been using dry so I¬†switched to 400. Cross-hatch blocked the scuttle, the hood, and each fender a couple times.

Needed more spot putty so I did that. Worked on the front valance and the steering-shaft- hider thing too. Painted the plastic parts of that with a primer/adhesion promoter and then shot color. Meh. It’ll do.

After blocking again with 400 I went over the fenders with the primer and then the adhesion promoter and then shot the color again. I think going in and out of the garage, into the bright sun, made it hard to see what I was doing. After my eyes adjusted and the paint dried I could see a ton of swirl and sand scratch. It’s just not there yet.


Still, a lot of progress today. IMG_8215.JPG

Bumped the key and she started right up.

I’ll get some 320 and more 400, and some 600, and get after it during the week.

Hope they stocked more paint…



About stuntmidget

I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.
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One Response to Cleanup and paint fail

  1. It’s coming together nicely. Looks good.

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