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Air & Auto Classic 2015

I have no doubt that the fix was in. Roy made sure to let everyone know that the awards were coming, and that we better watch the hand-outs because “you never know, somebody might win something.” Advertisements

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Lime Rock Vintage Festival

Since I got Bridget in the fall of 2009 it has been my ambition to get her on the race track–preferably one of the historic courses on which she cut her teeth under grandpa’s hands 60 years ago. And so … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

I met two of the men who built my car this weekend–Alan Aught (I think that’s how he spelled it) and Jack Fussenegger. As I’ve posted, the Fusseneggers founded British Coach Works in Arnold, PA in the late 70s. Jack … Continue reading

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Ready (almost) for Carlisle.

Over the past two weekends I have installed the front disk brakes, installed the bigger front sway bar, packed new bearings, bled the brakes, adjusted the rear drums, adjusted the wheel of death, reinstalled the front bumper, washed and vacuumed … Continue reading

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Carlisle, 2014

For the first time since I started going in 2010, I went to the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals without Bridget. My wife also did not make it this year. It was still amazingly fun. The TDr group mustered five┬ácars, … Continue reading

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Virginia Beach Air and Auto Classic 4

When you show up with seven of anything they’ve got to give you a prize for it. The guy who came with two Mercedes 300SLs got a prize for each–plus one for the Speedster. And he only had three cars … Continue reading

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Speedster Palooza & MGs on the Rocks

Dr. Clock (Alan Merklin) changed his annual Pumpkin Run this year to a mid September Saturday. Karen and I ran it down with a crew of about a dozen Speedster People & it was a sweet run–mainly through the same … Continue reading

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