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I'm a poor mechanic and general wisenheimer. I love old cars and the stories behind them, true or not.

Spring has sprung

Well it’s been a long time between posts so here’s an update and some pics. Yesterday was about the first beautiful Saturday of 2018, and so I saddled-up Bridget and made my way to the Hunt Valley Horsepower cars and … Continue reading

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Painting finis

Good enough for who it’s for.

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So I wet-block sanded with 400 about half a dozen times over the past week, then found more pinholes and such and puttied them, then repeat and etc. Finally today I just said “screw it,” and shot the “sealer” coat. … Continue reading

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Cleanup and paint fail

Rolled Bridget out of the lift bay today to blow some of the dust off.

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Wheels on

Got the back wheels on tonight. Thinking I got this… BEFORE: AFTER:

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Wheels back on (temporarily)

Trying to get Bridget back to “roller” status so I headed out to the garage this evening to put the front hubs on. Need to pop them off first to install the bolt-studs for the wire wheel adaptors. Then this … Continue reading

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Fender (home) Stretch

For the past month or six weeks I’ve been chipping away at Bridget’s body work. Fill and sand, fill and sand. Today I got it good enough I figured I’d shoot some primer.

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