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Filler progress, and hiding the steering shaft

Spent a few more hours this weekend sanding and smoothing, working the filler. We’re about four or five filler applications past where I thought I’d be done, but I’ve got down to mixing a little fiberglas resin into the Gripped … Continue reading

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71 degrees?! More fender-stretch!

Mid February in Maryland is not usually shorts & T-shirt weather, but there you go. I had a few hours on Saturday and Sunday so I got a little more done on Bridget. Painted the new spare tire carrier. Got … Continue reading

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Fender-stretching, continued

After several weeks’ hiatus I got back into Project Fender-Stretch on Bridget today, moving to the light body filler phase of the fenders and hood and other bits. To re-cap, I began with glass cloth and glass mat, moved on … Continue reading

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