MGs On The Rocks 2018

First nice day in a while and The Rocks show was happening so I cranked up Bridget to the state park.IMG_1879.JPG

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Spring has sprung

Well it’s been a long time between posts so here’s an update and some pics.

Yesterday was about the first beautiful Saturday of 2018, and so I saddled-up Bridget and made my way to the Hunt Valley Horsepower cars and coffee, and it was a scene. Here’s Bridget parked next to the chalkboard horror, which is one of my favorite rides that regularly shows up here. Kids swarm this car and draw all over it, totally digging the Halloween/haunted-car theme. This guy is kool!


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Painting finis

Good enough for who it’s for.IMG_8318.JPG

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So I wet-block sanded with 400 about half a dozen times over the past week, then found more pinholes and such and puttied them, then repeat and etc.

Finally today I just said “screw it,” and shot the “sealer” coat.


This is all Duplicolor rattle cans because I am unaccountably afraid of my old-school Devilbiss sprayers and the 2k primer-sealer I bought a couple months ago with this job in mind.

I washed the car and dried it, then waited a while and then tack-ragged it. As you can see, I totally skimped on the tape job, because I’m an idiot who believes compounding out overspray is faster and easier than masking, mainly because it’s a thing we do tomorrow instead of today. I’m like that.


Hood and scuttle. I shot the whole hood but most of it is already painted. Hoping I pulled all the wax out of it with the acetone and sand-blocking routine.


And here it is wet. Two coats in. Gonna wet sand with 600, then peel the tape off and shoot over a couple more coats before clear. Hoping it covers.

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Cleanup and paint fail

Rolled Bridget out of the lift bay today to blow some of the dust off.


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Wheels on

Got the back wheels on tonight.



Thinking I got this…





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Wheels back on (temporarily)

Trying to get Bridget back to “roller” status so I headed out to the garage this evening to put the front hubs on.

Need to pop them off first to install the bolt-studs for the wire wheel adaptors. Then this happened.IMG_8191


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