Painting finis

Good enough for who it’s for.IMG_8318.JPG

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So I wet-block sanded with 400 about half a dozen times over the past week, then found more pinholes and such and puttied them, then repeat and etc.

Finally today I just said “screw it,” and shot the “sealer” coat.


This is all Duplicolor rattle cans because I am unaccountably afraid of my old-school Devilbiss sprayers and the 2k primer-sealer I bought a couple months ago with this job in mind.

I washed the car and dried it, then waited a while and then tack-ragged it. As you can see, I totally skimped on the tape job, because I’m an idiot who believes compounding out overspray is faster and easier than masking, mainly because it’s a thing we do tomorrow instead of today. I’m like that.


Hood and scuttle. I shot the whole hood but most of it is already painted. Hoping I pulled all the wax out of it with the acetone and sand-blocking routine.


And here it is wet. Two coats in. Gonna wet sand with 600, then peel the tape off and shoot over a couple more coats before clear. Hoping it covers.

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Cleanup and paint fail

Rolled Bridget out of the lift bay today to blow some of the dust off.


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Wheels on

Got the back wheels on tonight.



Thinking I got this…





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Wheels back on (temporarily)

Trying to get Bridget back to “roller” status so I headed out to the garage this evening to put the front hubs on.

Need to pop them off first to install the bolt-studs for the wire wheel adaptors. Then this happened.IMG_8191


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Fender (home) Stretch

For the past month or six weeks I’ve been chipping away at Bridget’s body work. Fill and sand, fill and sand. Today I got it good enough I figured I’d shoot some primer.


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Filler progress, and hiding the steering shaft

Spent a few more hours this weekend sanding and smoothing, working the filler. We’re about four or five filler applications past where I thought I’d be done, but I’ve got down to mixing a little fiberglas resin into the Gripped filler to make it flow. Shouldn’t be long now.  Continue reading

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