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Dashboard trim

March 20, 2010 For some reason, Bridget’s dashboard came without the expected chrome trim and windlace called for by the BCW build book. It’s a nice piece of wood–walnut by the looks of it–but seems incomplete. Advertisements

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Muffler finis

March 20, 2010 All done. Seems to work good. Also changed the oil. Got her out on a grocery run before dinner. Here’s the final pics:

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Muffler, part 2

March 19, 2010 Now that the heads are clean and have useable studs, on to the muffler install. First gotta figure out if I can/should use the original topside heat exchangers. They seem to be made to come apart with … Continue reading

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Muffler change

March 14, 2010 So there was nothing actually wrong with Bridget’s pipes. Just stock VW mufflers, looking and sounding like what they are. Following some folks on the TD Replica forum a while back I bought the EMPI single exhaust … Continue reading

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Door Latch

March 10, 2010 Bridget’s former owner did yeoman’s work putting her together, accomplishing the task in a matter of a few months. When I took delivery, the build was 27 years old (the chassis 40, the engine 43), and the … Continue reading

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First Fix–brake lights

March 9, 2010 So my brake lights weren’t working. I narrowed it down to the pressure switch, ordered a new one ($8), waited a day for it to come in, and tonight popped Bridget’s left front wheel off to discover

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First Ride

Jan 18, 2010 50 degrees in Baltimore today. Took Bridget for a spin, with my girl in the passenger seat. She snapped a couple shots of me pulling into the driveway.

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